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Anna Rosengren 2016-12-10

GNH vision sun – my suggestion for a pragmatic overview over the combination of the profound essential values in GNH and the more measurable and specific sustainability goals of the UN. http://www.un.org/sustainabl…/sustainable-development-goals/

The basic nine domains of GNH may be seen as more visionary, while the SDG:s may be seen as more ”goal-like”, i. e more measurable and time-set.
We sometimes talk about SMART goals, meaning Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic and Time set. This is precisely the difference between GNH and SDG, which is very fruitful and complementary.
So, if we combine them in a ”visionary sun”, this means that GNH will be closer to the core of our beliefs and visions, but further from a manifested reality and vice versa.
When creating our local regional or organizational or personal plans, we may then start from the core, pass through the more measurable and time set SDG goals and then from there formulate our own more tangible goals.
The outer sphere may thus contain for example the 5 year plan of our organization or community or family.
More spheres may then be added, so that we can connect to a 1 year plan, and then a 6 months plan and, finally, maybe even a plan for today!
I kind of like the idea of being a sun…
Just like the sun, that has its inner layers of convection zone, photosphere and chromosphere radiating out from the core, this GNH vision-sun radiates from an inner core (that will be more elaborated in a separate model).
This model builds on an idea from Försäkringskassan, if you remember showing it to me some years ago, Martin Runefelt and Pia Stider.
I was just notified that it also has some similarities with a model by Parham Shafti
– I do not yet really understand how they connect, but we are working on it, elaborating new aspects and details. Great innovation coming up – stay tuned! 

What do you think about the location of the various SDG:s?
What do you think about the spaces that are empty?

Let us keep shining!