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Anna Rosengren 2016-11-15

The combination of the two models started a couple of years ago and has been refined during the U-processes 2015 and 2016.
The basic idea is a multi-dimensional perspective, where the ”U” may depart from any dimension/domain in the GNH mandala, while again entering in the same – or another dimension/domain. Practically this might mean that our process could start in a desire to develop our ecological resilience and end up in adjustments of the domain of cultural diversity. Or go from participation to health, or from living standard to leadership. Or it could start and end in the same domain.
The starting point of a U-process – into presencing as well as into absencing – is thereby more of an ”inner core” or ”inter-dimensional airport”, where processes take off and land. The model thereby equals to a tibetan dorje, a tool that is used in tibetan buddhism for transformation by skillful means. It is used, most often to enhance compassion, together with a bell, symbolizing wisdom. The open womb of this bell may be represented by the GNH mandala. In this way the combination of the two models – as well as the tools – represents an alchemical wholeness.
The whole combination, however, takes place in a space, an empty space, that may remind us of what we essentially are, the essence of pure awareness, to which this model has two more specific entry points: presencing and absencing. This means that both may be an entry to, or from, pure awareness. As if awareness (dissolved or more subtle) would rise as (more gross) consciousness in these two ways: empty or full, present or absent, thus creating the potentials for creation or dissolvement, life and death.