What we do

We cultivate and develop resilient models and methods for balanced wellbeing, for individuals, organizations, societies and planets.

GNH Sweden

What makes for a good life? Having a good living standard is important, but so is also health, education and feeling part of a community or the society we’re living in. We therefore work to equip leaders and decision-makers with tools and methods that helps them make a difference, whether it is in their organisation, municipality, or in their personal lives.

GNH Sweden is a non-profit organisation governed by generosity. If you’d like learn about GNH or involve us in supporting your organisation, we have developed some online courses and programs that you may join. They are also a way for you to support our work.

where to start

There are many ways to start working with wellbeing. Here are some examples of what we do together. Welcome to join us as a participant or as a colleague. Start with yourself, with your organization or region – or by joining our community of practice!

gnh basic

A basic introduction to GNH for anyone who wishes to take a first step into wellbeing, wise intentions and sustainable decisions. Includes an online course and one hour coaching. 

490 SEK (49 USD)

gnh ambassador

A deepening program for anyone who wishes to learn more and/or work with the method. Includes online course, dialogue with others, coaching, creative expression and meditation.

1500 SEK (150 USD)

gnh community of practice

Our community of practice meets each month during one year to share and learn within a framework based on GNH values. Includes Zoom meetings, online course and group coaching.

250 SEK (25 USD) per month

gnh mindshift coaching

Based on GNH combined with integral wisdom and compassion. Choose between artistic, worklife, relational or existential focus.

600 SEK (60 USD) per session

gnh workshops

Innovative meetings indoor or in nature, wellbeing workshops, GNH presentations or dialogue based learning processes.

6000 SEK (600 USD) per half day

gnh custom process

Custom designed long term collaboration for individual or an organization or a region and society at large.

12000 SEK (1200 USD) per day

Join our Community

Contact us today and let us find a way to collaborate!

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